Making a Sticky Paws Quilt 

Sometimes a quilt will come together in a week, and other times it takes over a year. This Sticky Paws quilt was an example of the latter, but I’m happy to say that it’s finally finished!

Colour Combo Inspiration

Over a year ago, my friend Kaitlyn shared this Instagram post with me and said “wouldn’t this colour palette make a beautiful quilt?” and I said “YES!!” We nicknamed the combo “Cinnamon Apple Pie” and I immediately set about finding a quilt pattern that would work well for it.

A stack of fat quarters lays on a white background. Colours include chartreuse, pink, caramel, and black woven fabrics.

The perfect quilt pattern

Around this time, I saw that Oon of Grape Soda Studio was releasing a new pattern called Sticky Paws. I loved its bold use of colour and her interesting take on the traditional Bear Paw block. Since I had never made a Bear Paw quilt before, I thought this would be a great one to try!

Closeup view of one Bear Paw block, featuring chartreuse, pink, caramel, and black fabrics.

Choosing Fabrics

Oon’s pattern is very thorough and offers four different versions of the design. Her most complex version (Version IV) uses 9 different fabrics and is beautiful. But I wanted to see if I could further complicate the Sticky Paws pattern by doubling the number of fabrics (the more the merrier, right??)

I made some modifications to the pattern and ended up with a version that required 17 different fabrics. Wild, but exactly what I was looking for!

It took some effort and auditioning, but I was able to (mostly) pull the fabric from my stash. I think I had to order two extra fat quarters to get my ideal palette, but that didn’t hurt my feelings. 

A variety of fat quarters lay fanned out, with a coral folded square of fabric in the middle.

Choosing a layout

My favourite way of mocking up a quilt layout is PreQuilt. It’s an online software that lets you visualize your project *before* you start cutting up your fabric. I’ve used it before with great success and recommend it!

Once I had finalized my fabric choices, I uploaded images of the prints into PreQuilt so I could visualize my Sticky Paws quilt.

After fiddling with the design for some time, I ended up with this layout where half of the blocks use bold prints in their “paws”, and the other half use fabrics that read more like a solid. I should mention that almost all of the fabrics were from Ruby Star Society. I love that I found a way to feature some of my most favourite prints in this special quilt!

Various squares of fabric and half square triangles of fabric lay on an aqua coloured cutting mat.
A digital rendering of a Sticky Paws quilt, using chartreuse, pink, caramel, and black fabric.

Piecing the Sticky Paws blocks

This quilt involves a large number of (small) HSTs. I have vivid memories of sewing, pressing, and trimming the hundreds of blocks while watching many episodes of Inventing Anna. Isn’t that funny how you (or at least I) associate a certain show with a specific sewing project? 

Various coloured half square triangles lay on a white and black cutting mat with a pink rotary cutter.

In any case, the project was complex and I kept worrying I was going to sew the wrong set of “claws” to the wrong “paws”. I’m proud to say that I only had to unpick one set of blocks, and the rest turned out correctly!

Once I had all my Sticky Paws blocks made, I *carefully* laid them out on my design floor and used my all-time favourite hack of “webbing” the quilt top. I find it to be the easiest, fastest, and least error-prone method of sewing piles of blocks together. That’s a win!

Quilt blocks lay on a brown wooden floor.
A multicoloured quilt lays on the ground, with the fabric scrunched up.
A folded multicoloured quilt top.

Longarm quilting

I chose a lovely, soft, snuggly Mammoth Flannel (in the Honeysuckle colourway) as my backing fabric, and you KNOW that I quilted this on my longarm machine! I wanted to use a jangly pantograph that would mimic the look of the many (many) HSTs in the pattern, and as luck would have it, Mum had recently designed the perfect design!

Closeup of stitching while a quilt is loaded on a longarm machine.
A multicoloured quilt with longarm quilting featuring triangular shapes.

Shards is a beautiful, FAST pattern that looks great on my Sticky Paws quilt (if I do say so myself).

Binding the quilt

When it came to binding the quilt, I used the same fabric that I had for the center of the Bear Paw blocks. I think it tied the whole thing together, and is such a fun and happy print!

Now here comes the weird part….

I started hand binding the quilt shortly after quilting it, but then I just kind of…. stopped. My poor Sticky Paws quilt sat in my “to be bound” basket in the living room for about eight months before I finally picked it back up a few weeks ago. 

When I pulled it out of the basket, I was shocked (SHOCKED!) to find that there were only about 18” of unfinished binding. I finished it up in the time it took to watch a RuPaul’s Drag Race episode, and I now have a finished Sticky Paws quilt.

Detail shot of the binding on a quilt. The binding is a coral colour and has been handstiched with a mitred corner.


It’s scrappy, uses the happiest fabric, came mostly from my stash, and includes a quilting design that my Mum designed. 

Is it my current favourite quilt of all time? Yes it is!!

Shelly holds up a multicoloured quilt in her backyard with a green lawn, and trees in the background.

Have you ever left a quilt in a nearly-but-not-quite finished state for an extended period? Let me know about it in the comments below! 

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  1. Love this! So much fun. Have the pattern, it's on my to-make list. My preference is hand stitched bindings, old fashioned here.

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