Anyone can learn to take beautiful pictures of their quilts, WITHOUT fancy equipment or a degree in photography.

In this 4-week online course, you'll go from feeling frustrated with your photos to  proud of your pictures as you build the quilty social media feed you've always dreamt of. 

By the end of this course, you will have:

Shifted your mindset to believe that you CAN take beautiful photos of your quilts

Located the BEST spot in your home to take quilt photos

Harnessed the available light in your home to in order to get light and bright photos

Identified the elements of a photo that make you stop scrolling and say "WOW"

Examined some of your favourite photos and identified  the "rules" of great photos in action

Maximized your content by taking up to 35 pictures of a single project

Learned simple edits that can vastly improve the quality of your photos

Practiced editing your own photos using free software

Need some help NOW?

  • Pick up your FREE copy of my download: The Finished Quilt Shot List
  • Never wonder what photos to take of your quilt again!

What do others have to say about Shelly's photography??



"Do you know what makes me want to re-post or share someone else’s photo to my Stories on Instagram? 

A great photo! 

I love when Shelly uses my pantographs because she takes great photos that show off the quilt AND the quilting. That’s not easy to do, but it makes them super-shareable, and that's good for everyone!"


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