Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care 2022 

Everyone loves cozy toes, and these socks will last a lifetime! Pick some holiday-themed cuties, or go with the Joviansphere (seen here) for an everyday sock. I own about 10 pairs of them and wear them all the time!

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There’s a reason that everyone you know has multiple Stanley tumblers. 

Never mind the gorgeous colours, the soft grip exterior, and the fact that they’ll help you reach your hydration goals… The double-walled stainless steel interior will keep your beverage at the perfect temperature for hours, and the new narrower base will fit perfectly into your vehicle’s cup holder.

Win win!

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I just feel a little bit more put together with a cute necklace, don’t you? These delicate coin necklaces are all the rage, and there are three to choose from: one representing balance, one for resilience, and one for victory. You can’t go wrong!

Mejuri is a Canadian jewelry company that focuses on quality products at reasonable prices. I’ve been wearing their pieces every day for the last five years, and they’ve stood the test of time. 

This handy little notebook makes it easy to journal. You only need to write a few lines every day, and soon you’ll have a compact snapshot of 5 years of your life. 

I’m working on year 3 of mine, and I love looking back and seeing what I was doing on this day last year and two years ago. It’s like a portable time capsule!

And of course it’s beautifully crafted - it feels like a luxury item!

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Lock yourself in the bathroom and spend 15 minutes alone with this facial steamer, and I promise you’ll emerge more rested and relaxed.

With its warm steam and optional essential oil baskets, you’ll look forward to your weekly self-pampering session!

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Truly the easiest and fastest manicure you’ll ever have - plus you can do it in your own home while you watch an episode of Selling Sunset. 

My sad, weak nails have never been able to hold a manicure for more than a day. I always break a nail or chip the polish, and shellac manicures destroyed my nails further. Try these and you won’t want to go back to the salon!

After listening to the How I Built This podcast episode with Nancy Twine (founder of Briogeo), I decided to give their products a try.

I was originally charmed by the adorable honey bear, but fell in love with the actual results and scent.

I use this once a month with a head wrap, and my hair has never been softer!

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If you’re going to light a fancy candle, you may as well use a futuristical candle lighter!

These doohickeys are electric, which means that there’s no flame. They can light up to 600 candles before they need to be recharged (via USB). I promise you’ll giggle when you use it!

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Imagine treating your hair with the deep conditioning mask, wrapping your head with this microfiber towel, and sitting in front of your facial steamer?? 

Actual heaven.

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I drink a lot of tea, and Ian drinks French press coffee. We use this kettle for both, and one touch of a button will change the temperature so it will be ideal for our different drinks.

Bonus: after boiling, it will keep your water at the perfect temperature for up to 20 mins.

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Carry an entire library’s worth of books with this slim e-reader. With an eye-saving warm light mode and a waterproof design, you can enjoy reading in the full sun or in the bathtub.

Hook it up to the Overdrive app and borrow books from your library for free!

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I love the feeling of a fluffy sherpa sweater, but it’s annoying to pull them over your head (static hair, anyone?), and they can often be too thick to wear under a jacket.

This year’s version of the Tugga jacket has a full zip and is made of a thinner material for layering. Give me all the snuggles!

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This hand-poured soy candle in an amber jar will look great and smell amazing! Choose from a variety of scents to bring some magic to your home. Go for the classic Amber & Moss, or the woodsy Teakwood & Tobacco.

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Save yourself the expense and the bother and make yourself a fancy beverage at home!This milk frother will quickly whip up your liquid of choice (I sometimes like to fill mine with chocolate milk for a foamy hot chocolate). 

I promise you’ll feel like you’re taking great care of yourself with this machine

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