Holiday Gift Guide for Longarmers 2022 

You will not BELIEVE how easy and fast it is to load a quilt using these magnets. Want a demo? Check out this video for a complete walk-through. 

Don’t forget to use code MATANTE to get 15% off your order.

2. Plann Subscription $160 Annually

Social media can be a fun place to hang out, or it can feel like a daunting chore. Using Plann to schedule your posts will make the task so much easier, and will help you stay on track.

Whether you’re misting a backing to get the creases out, or adding a bit of moisture to heal some needle holes, this spray bottle will make the task much easier. 

With one easy pull of the trigger, this bottle will provide a continuous fine mist spray. So easy!

Canadian Link

There’s no way around it - as a business owner you have to deal with lots of incoming parcels. 

This safe (and dare I say fun?) box cutter makes opening any package a breeze.

Canadian Link

Sometimes you come across a quilt that needs to have some of the fullness “drawn in”. If you fill your misting spray bottle with Flatter spray, you will be AMAZED at how much fabric seems to disappear once you press it (or use a hair dryer on it like I do).

They all smell delicious, but I tend to choose the unscented version for client quilts.

Canadian Link

These nifty needles are thin and LONG, with a large nylon loop at one end. They make burying your thread tails the easiest thing in the world!

Canadian Link

Don’t you hate it when you finish quilting out a row, and *then* see that there’s a dark thread hanging out behind a light fabric?

This handy little tool will help you dig out that wayward thread without any tears!

Canadian Link

8. EZ Snips $19

These sharp, serrated snips are perfect for clipping off the ends of threads, as well as unpicking (an unfortunate reality). Plus, rainbow, for fun!

Canadian Link

A girl can dream, right?

But seriously, I just bought myself one of these, and it’s so fun to use!

I use it as a digital planner, electronic notebook, and as a replacement for the thousands of notes written on random small scraps of paper.

Canadian Link

You know you’re going to buy a PILE of pantos this year. Why not get a subscription to the most fabulous panto club around?

The catch is that you won’t know what the designs will look like ahead of time - you need to trust that Jess will create some gorgeous options for you!

This handy little seam ripper will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand while you unpick your stitches. Whether it’s a few stitches in order to tie a knot with the new bobbin thread, or unpicking a quilt-width seam, you’ll find yourself reaching for this tool over other seam rippers.

Canadian Link

These are the Goldilocks of pins. They’re not too short or too long, too stiff or too bendy.

You can use them to attach quilts to your leaders (if you haven’t yet tried out Sew Tites), or to pin the sides of the quilt. I promise you’ll love them!

Canadian Link

Cleaning out your bobbin area is a (literal) breeze with this compact but powerful inflator gun. It will work with your existing Ryobi batteries, and you’ll be surprised to see the many other uses (like actually inflating an air mattress or floatie).

Canadian Link (tool only) (battery)

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