Do you want to take
Instagram-worthy photos of your quilts that will impress your friends, family, and followers?

Join the only created-for-quilters photography course to confidently take your photos from disappointing to dreamy!

Did you know that your 50+ hours of work, 100’s of dollars worth of fabric, and the love that you poured into your quilt will be ignored on social media without a killer photo?


It sucks, but it's true.

Hard fact: The sum of all your work is represented by the quality of one single photo.... 

And it’s about time to make those photos HIGHLIGHT your work, rather than hinder it.

I asked my audience what they *thought* was stopping them from getting great photos, and here's what they said.

Lemme know if any of these sound familiar...

"My camera roll looks nothing like real life"

Why do all these photos look so dim and dark? How can I edit these pictures so they reflect the in-your-face-amazingness of the Tula Pink fabrics I used in my quilt?

"I have no idea what equipment I need"

Do I need to by fancy studio lights? What about one of those massive digital cameras? And is a Photoshop subscription really necessary to get the pretty pictures I want?

"I post my photos on IG and all I hear is crickets"

We all know that Instagram is currently favouring Reels, but SURELY a picture should be seen by more than just my mum and quilty BFF, right???

I wanted to give them all a hug...

Because taking great photos is simpler than you think.

Staging secrets...

You only need to know a few simple tricks to make your photos more engaging and interesting to your audience. 

The good news is that you've already spent invested thousands of dollars on beautiful fabric and fun / interesting tools. 

You can use what you have to make perfectly pinnable pictures! 

Small tweaks = big results!

These fabrics look bright and happy in real life, but when I took a picture of them, they were dull and lifeless.

I used three easy editing tricks to bring this colourful quilt top back to life.

And best of all? The editing software I used was free. You know what that means...


It's good to be thrifty!

Look, I like to invest in quality products when necessary.

But when it comes to getting great shots of your quilts, I promise that you do NOT need expensive equipment.

I use my cell phone and a window to get 99% of the shots that I post in my social media feeds.

If you have access to both, you're all set!

Have we met yet?

Hi! I’m Shelly - longarm quilter, chai latte enthusiast, lover of exclamation points (!!), and your teacher and creator behind Beginner Quilt Photography. More on that in a sec!

It's become my mission to help quilters represent their work with jaw-dropping photography using my tried-and-true system for quilty photos. 

I KNOW how much effort you've put into your quilt (and how many seams you had to rip before it was finished), and I promise you that it deserves its time to shine...

... Because capturing the true beauty of your project in a photo is one of the best 👏 feelings 👏 ever!

That's why I'm excited to introduce you to...

Beginner Quilt Photography

The four week online course that takes you from feeling frustrated with your photos to proud of your pictures

Today's price = $247 USD

By the end of this course, you will:

Learn the art of quilting photography that impresses friends, family, neighbours, and potential customers with remarkable-looking images {regardless of where you’re at today}

Discover how to take a smidgen of natural light in your home and amplify it to create a stunning photo {even if natural light is limited}

Transform your Instagram feed into a drool-worthy space that will get noticed by your peers and your quilty heroes

Welcome new skills and valuable knowledge that advance your lifestyle, personal, or career goals {there is truly no ceiling when you discover how to communicate your talents}

Be FINALLY able to show off your beautiful quilts with true-to-life photos. Auntie Merle is gonna LOSE IT when she sees what you've made!

Here's what's included...


Pre-course Module: Mindset Matters

Do you ever get frustrated when you're not good at something the first time you try it? This is the module that's going to help you get out of your own way and prepare you for success when you:

  • Overcome common mindset roadblocks that often trip up new students
  • Learn how to avoid the comparison game - there's nothing but heartache for you there!

You'll walk away with: the confidence to tackle allllll of the new techniques that are comin' at 'cha! Plus, you'll be giving yourself GRACE as you move through the learning process.


Module 1: Understanding Light

This is the cornerstone of all great photography. Without the right light, you may as well not bother taking photos at all. Harsh, but true. We'll talk about: 

  • The differences between natural and artificial light (and which one is best for quilt photography)
  • Learn how to tame pesky shadows and harsh light which are hindering your success.

You'll walk away with: a complete understanding of the light patterns in your home, as well as a plan for where and when to take your photos. No more wasted time taking pictures in the wrong place in the wrong conditions!


Module 2: Composition

Here comes the juicy stuff. We're going to unlock the secrets of those click-worthy photos. You know... the ones that make you stop scrolling and hit the LIKE button!

  • Learn the simple rules of photography which will make your photos more compelling
  • Apply these tips to both indoor and outdoor photography

You'll walk away with:  a deeper understand of what makes for a scroll-stopping photo. You'll be adding the magic touch to all of your photos.


Module 3: The Shot List 

Now that you know the "rules" of photography, you can apply them to actual pictures. But which should you take? I've got you covered, boo.

  • We'll explore over 35 different quilt photo ideas, from fabric pull to the controversial full-quilt shot
  • Hang out with me as I conduct a start-to-finish photoshoot in my living room. Steal my secrets to make your future sessions pain-free!

You'll walk away with: a whack-tonne of ideas for quilty pictures, PLUS, a handy-dandy checklist that you can keep next to your sewing machine. With this list in your (figurative) back pocket, you'll have content coming out of your ears!


Module 4: Editing

It's no secret that editing can make or break your photo. Our goal is to enhance the existing beauty of your picture, rather than alter irreversibly. Think: using highlighter vs a face lift.

  • Learn to use existing software on your phone or a FREE APP to make minor tweaks to your photos
  • Practice editing your pictures so that they're brighter and your colours are more vivid and true-to-life

You'll walk away with:  lightly touched up photos that will be perfect for sharing on social media or with your family and friends!! 

Not only will you receive the detailed, repeatable steps inside the core four-week training...

But there's more!

Here are a few juicy bonuses that are waiting for you from the moment you say, “I’m in!”

Social Media Primer:

In this end-of-course bonus module, you'll learn how to create a cohesive social media feed, write a captivating caption, and use hashtags for greater exposure.

Submitting Your Quilt to a Juried Show:

Just in time to submit your quilt to the next show, you'll have immediate access to this mini-training. Give yourself a better chance of being accepted by learning the technical requirements for popular shows.

Getting Started with Reels:

Does the idea of recording video give you the sweats? I'll take the mystery out of these truly necessary videos and share my step-by-step system for creating them with FREE software.

Reels template: 

In order to make it DEAD SIMPLE, I've included a free template that you can use to quickly and easily get started.
You may be the next viral sensation!

"Worth its weight in gold!!"

The lessons are so practical and the things you learn make a huge difference! This video that accompanied the Shot List lesson is amazing! I loved seeing you in action and what's on your phone at the same time. Genius!!

laura bongiorno


Today's price = $247 USD

Beginner Quilt Photography is a perfect fit for you if:

You're a quilter who works hard on your projects and you want to show them off to your friends, family, and followers. So far, your pictures are NOT what you hoped they would be.

  • You're frustrated after spending endless amounts of time photographing your work, only to end up with a pile of unusable pictures
  • You have previously purchased a course on photography and found it to be too general and not applicable to quilting (landscape photography isn't really your jam) OR
  • You would love to have a bright and happy social media feed (like your quilt photography heroes)...

Risk-free 14-Day Guarantee

This course was designed with YOU in mind. 

I created it in order to move you from your current state of anxiety and frustration around photography to feeling proud of your skills.

If after accessing the course material, you don't feel confident that you'll be able to take the photos you desire, simply reach out and I'll refund your investment.

Let’s Meet Your New Photography Coach, Accountability Partner, and Biggest Cheerleader...

First of all, I'm super pumped that you made it allllll the way down this page. Love that tenacity.🏅

Who am I to teach you about quilt photography? So glad you asked!

As a longarmer, my business depends on my ability to show off my clients' quilts in the best light possible (literally). I had to learn photography *in a hurry*, and the journey was a painful exercise of trial and error.

The truth is: I'm not special - I don't have a secret advantage, a degree in photography, or a pile of expensive equipment.

I've just taken pictures of hundreds of quilts, and have developed a system to help me quickly and consistently produce light and bright photos that are true to life.

In Beginner Quilt Photography, I'm giving that road map to you.

Simple as that!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have any photography training. Is that a problem? 

Not a problem at all! I didn't have any knowledge or experience in this when I first started, either!


I just practiced and experimented until I found some simple tips and tricks that worked. I can DEFINITELY teach you what I know. 

Will I be able to access the course materials immediately?

As soon as you purchase the course, you'll have access to the Welcome Module, as well as the Pre-Course Bonus Module: Mindset Matters.

After that, new modules will be released on Tuesdays until the course is complete.

Do I need a specific brand of phone for this course?

Any smart phone will do!

I use a Google Pixel, but I'm assuming you have an iPhone (because most people do). I'll show you videos of me using my phone, but yours will have similar options that I'll discuss.

Additionally, I'll show you a FREE app that works on all phones and includes a PILE of features that you're going to love.

How is this different from other photography courses?

The answer is in the name...

Beginner Quilt Photography was designed specifically for people who need basic help getting prettier pictures of their quilts.

Any photography course I've seen has been general, where this course will be hyper-specific to the topic of photographing quilts.

Will there be any live calls?

Once per year (in the fall), I do a LIVE version of the course, where I drip out content weekly and host Q&A sessions over Zoom. It's interactive and really fun!

That version is great for people who can wait until autumn. But what if you need the information right now?  That's why I've made the course available year-round. 

Are you SURE I'll be able to take Instagram-worthy photos?

Yes, of COURSE I'm sure!

I also believe in you so much that I included a pre-course bonus module to help change your mindset around this... because you CAN do it! 

Do I need expensive equipment for this course?

You will need ONE piece of expensive equipment: a smart phone. But I'm guessing you already have one of those!

I don't believe in buying unnecessary tools, so I've designed the course to work with either free or low-cost items (some of which can be bought at the Dollar Store).

How long will I have access to the course content?

Forever and ever!

You'll have lifetime on-demand access, which means that you'll be able to watch at your own speed and time.

If improvements are made to the program, you'll have access to those, too!

Is this course live?

The lessons are pre-recorded and waiting for you, whenever you're ready for them. Watch at your own pace, in your pyjamas if you like!

Can I join the next live cohort?


When the next live launch rolls around (fall 2024), I'll invite you to join our LIVE calls, and you can submit any questions you have, as well as photos for critique!

You won't have to pay anything extra - you'll automatically be added to the mailing list so you won't miss a call!

I wanted to provide maximum flexibility with this course. If you need the information now, you can have it! If you want to hang out with us on the live calls in the fall, you're welcome as well!

Hope to see you inside the course!

Highly recommend it!

In the past, I've found learning about photography to be overwhelming, but this course made it very approachable. It's good to know that I don't need fancy equipment or a deep knowledge of photography to take good pictures of my quilts.

Laura Capell

Definitely sign yourself up! 

I am as "beginner" as one can get, but I learned all about proper lighting, using basic tools for a photo shoot and got some great tips for staging and making interesting pictures. I learned numerous valuable tips on editing using so many of the built in features on my iPhone, that I previously had no idea about. I even learned some tricks for posting pictures to Instagram.
Shelly has a light, humorous approach to teaching that will keep you engaged from right out of the gate, and wanting to try to implement new ideas right away. I never left thinking "I'll try that one day." I wanted to try it all right then and there.

Shelley Maxwell

An absolutely amazing course!

I have learned so much! I love knowing that I can go back and re-watch these courses as many times as I need to to get all these tips embedded in my brain.

This course was worth every penny! I am such a visual learner so this was perfect! Thank you so much!

Rebecca Egg

Very practical!

I was pretty surprised with how much I learned. The bonus module on social media was a huuuge help, as was learning to edit in the recommended free app. So excited to put all these things to good use!

Meredith Purcell

Very helpful

This course was very clear and understandable with lots of content. My favourite lessons were about conducting a photo shoot, editing, and composition.

Sabrina Eisele

Learning how to photograph quilts has brought me an immense sense of accomplishment. Looking back on my Instagram feed, it's clear that I've come a long way, and am now proud to showcase other people's quilts in the best possible light (literally).

I cannot WAIT to share my knowledge and experience with you so that you can feel the same sense of pride. Imagine feeling overjoyed with the photos you've taken!

I hope you'll join me inside Beginner Quilt Photography so that you can learn to show off your quilt photos and share them with your friends, family, and followers!

Shelly Moore

Course creator

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