Ma Tante Quilting Wholesale Patterns


I'm so excited you're interested in purchasing some patterns for your shop!! 

The Doable Duffel is a great pattern that will kit well and is fun to make for even beginner bag makers. 

The pattern itself consists of a colour cover image, and the main pattern is printed on letter sized-paper with clear instructions, many diagrams, and a sheet of labels to organize the project. It has been tested thoroughly and tech edited to ensure its accuracy.

The pattern has been folded in half and packaged inside a clear plastic bag with a hang hole at the top. 

The patterns cost $8.50 CAD each, and the minimum order is 3. If you're looking to find out the price in your currency, you can check out this link for an estimate (it's set to convert to USD, but you can change it to any country). 

The suggested retail price is $17 CAD or $13 USD.

In order to facilitate your purchase, I've crafted this simple-to-fill-out form which will allow me to create and send you an invoice. Once the number of patterns is known, I can calculate shipping charges and add them to the invoice. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about the pattern or the wholesale ordering process by sending me an email to hello @

Happy shopping!