Hi, I'm Shelly

And holy moly, do I love quilting! 

I use my giant computerized long arm machine to help quilters finish their projects quickly and professionally. We're talking: two weeks!

By making my services available online for a reasonable price and with a SUPER-FAST turnaround time, I have the privilege to help quilters get their projects out of the closet and into the arms of their loved ones.

Woodgrain long arm quilting texture

should i get my quilt long armed?

Maybe I'm biased, but I think you should. If you've never tried it before, you'll love it!! 

It saves you time, frustration, all kinds of pain in your back and shoulders, and most importantly, your sanity. I only ever tried quilting one throw-sized quilt on my domestic machine before I decided that there had to be a better solution. I sent my next quilt to a long armer, and I have never looked back.

If you want a hassle-free way to get your quilts beautifully finished, then long arm quilting is for you!

Soho long arm quilting texture

is my quilt "good enough"?

Ummmmmm, of course it is. Did someone tell you it wasn't?? Give me their name - I want to talk to them.

PeopIe often tell me that they worry their quilt is not "good enough" to send to a long arm quilter. What is this random, imaginary standard? If you made it, then it's fabulous! I promise there is no Quilt Police who will give you a ticket if your points don't match.

I've had several clients send me the VERY FIRST quilt they ever made. The seams were not perfectly aligned, but who cares! I quilted it up and sent it back home where it could be adored and snuggled, rather than sitting on a shelf. Isn't that a happy ending?

Why choose
Ma Tante Quilting?

There are lots of quilters that can help you finish your project.  

Why should you trust me with your precious quilt? Let me tell you!

Oil and water long arm quilting texture

I get it - I'm a quilter too!

I know how hard you've worked on your project, and how scary it is to trust someone else with your quilt. Don't worry; I'll treat it like the heirloom that it is!

Marmalade long arm quilting texture

Super fast service

My turnaround time is two weeks. Yes, you DID read that correctly. Your quilt will be finished and ready to send home to you within two weeks of its arrival here. Woohoo!

Convenient online process

I live in the middle of nowhere, which means that I do most of my business online. You can sign up through my website, communicate via text, and pay online without leaving the house. How easy is that!?

Good vibrations long arm quilting texture

Computerized quilting

My machine produces WAY prettier stitches than I can! It makes perfectly round circles, the pointiest of points, and beautiful, even stitches. This is the time to try that complicated design you've always wanted!

Good vibrations long arm quilting texture

Attention to detail

I care about details - A LOT. I'll take the time to make sure that the quilting is sized appropriately and stitched out beautifully. My goal is to elevate your quilt while letting your piecing shine. 

Featherize long arm quilting texture

Excellent communication

You can expect to be kept in the loop at every stage of the process. If you ever have a question or concern, I'll be happy to email, text, talk, or Skype you about it. I want you to know what's going on at all times.

"Sending my quilts to Shelly to quilt was a fabulous decision! She took her time to make sure they were square, the stitch quality is wonderful, and I can’t wait to send her more.”

- Nicole, Kamloops

Shelly of Ma Tante Quilting in field
I first fell in love with long arm quilting when I saw pictures of beautifully stitched quilts on Instagram. Until then, I didn't even know that such a machine existed! Imagine my surprise when I clicked through the quilters' profiles and learned that long arm quilting was their JOB... I decided then and there to make it my goal to be a full-time long arm quilter.
How's my dream coming along? After working 15 years on military bases supporting our troops, I recently retired in order to quilt full-time.... SUCCESS!
Why are all these pictures of me in farmers' fields? Because I live on the prairies in Manitoba, where we're surrounded by vast expanses of farmland. It's beautiful in summer when things are in bloom, but winter is a *bit* long. All the more reason to quilt!!

Still not sure if long arm quilting is for you?

Baptist fans long arm quilting texture

I totally get it. Mailing your project to a stranger is scary. One quilter told me that sending her quilt to me was like dropping a first child off at school! 

So why don't we get to know each other a bit better? If you have a question or concern, I'd love to talk to you about it. I'm a real person who loves connecting with other quilters! 

All you have to do is push the button below which will bring you to my contact page. Pop in a couple of details and a question or a comment, and I'll reply to you ASAP. Like a real human!

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